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For many different reasons, babies are still abandoned today and are
left at the doors of baby hospitals.
Our teams care for those little ones - we change, bath, feed and above
all love and play with them - we encourage them to sit, stand, walk and
all this is done within the limited space that they live in.

There are still orphanages in Bucharest, some of which have schools within their
premises. H2H volunteers take part in activities with the children whose ages range
from 5 years up to 17 years - sometimes it is crafts..sometimes it is outdoor play..
sometimes it is cheering them on in sports - always it is a huge encouragement
for them and humbling for us.

Once they are aged 17, youngsters must leave the orphanage system and try and find their way in the world.

H2H International have bought 2 houses - one for girls and the other for boys. They offer an opportunity for up to 6 students in each house, to go through a transition programme involving basic hygiene and health care, social skills, domestic skills and often a period of training in a local college in a trade suited to them.

After a year, H2H then assist them in finding a job and accommodation. All the Teams will spend some time in the company of those young people in their own settings - this helps expand their knowledge of another culture and ours of theirs.

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