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What do we do with money raised?....

Since beginning our Trust, we have completed a number of projects
- all thanks to the generosity of those who support us.

In one of the Baby Hospitals, we have:

  • Replaced 60 soiled mattresses and 60 bed frames
  • Replaced broken and dirty bathrooms in the Admissions Area of the hospital
  • Purchased over 12,000 nappies and umpteen nappy sacs
  • Replaced old blankets with new hand stitched quilts
  • Supplied baby clothing

In the Boys' Transition House, which is an older property, we have:

  • Purchased 6 new wardrobes and sets of new winter clothing for the boys
  • Paid for eye tests
  • Paid for the heating costs for 2006, 2007 and now 2008 in the house - it is VERY cold in winter!!
  • Purchased new American larder size fridge freezer/electrical cooking pots/hoovers
  • Paid for a number of Transition House students to attend schooling for 4 months (2008) in a chosen trade
  • Supplied toiletries and personal items for the Girls' House
  • Donated 2500 towards summer camps for orphans (summer 2008)

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