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Newsletter November 2008

There have been a number of developments this year, both in the country of Romania and also within the life of Heart2Heart Scotland.

In Romania, changing politics and economy have meant changes within the structure of the Hospitals and Orphanage System and one of those changes has been the reduction of abandoned babies being accepted into the hospital where H2H works - however, there is a new hospital that is now allowing in small teams of volunteers. This is a new venture and is a case of being sensitive to the staff and director and gaining their trust - this hospital has up to 30 small babies at any time - further news on progress will come in due course.

One of the most exciting developments for the Trust has been the arrival of one of our Tenderfoot Team members, into Bucharest, to work full time with H2H International. Kirsteen Gray came out with our team in 2007 and felt the call of God to return and work there (one of the risks you take when you allow yourself to be used in such a needy environment!) She gave up her job as a music teacher in a Special Needs school and left Scottish soil for the 2 year adventure in Bucharest in February this year.

Maggy and Lesley saw Kirsteen in May as they spent 2 weeks in Bucharest and again looked at the needs within the H2H ministry that the Trust could help financially.

Last year, our funds were used to pay for:

  • College fees for 5 of the girls in the Transition programme. They attended a cookery class and all received their much needed certificate! (No certificate, no job).
  • Jewellery beads and craft items to teach the girls on a Crafts Day
  • Sending orphans to summer holiday camps in the mountains over a month period
  • Purchasing nappies - never ending!

  • Purchasing domestic items for use in the Team House - hoovers, cooking pots and pans

As to 2009, a Tenderfoot Trip is being offered in May - on a Tenderfoot Trip, you will:

  • Go to Bucharest as a volunteer within a small team for approximately 10 days
  • Work within the Baby Hospitals and visit orphanages and interact with the children
  • Take part in helping with Bible stories with the children
  • Meet the teenagers who are working within the Transition programme. This lasts for a year and is for up to 6 young men and girls who have left the orphanage system .It is designed to help them learn social skills and how to integrate into society and the workplace
Please contact us if you are interested...either through our website or by mail with a s.a.e included.

We are also planning The Big Walk!
The Ayrshire Coastal Path is now officially open for walking and our plan is to have the entire walk (100miles) sponsored.
We are opening this up to all our friends and supporters to join us - you can choose any of the 8 sections (or all!) of the path and we will have further information about dates and how you can help us in this fundraising event.

Thank you again for your support for Heart2Heart Scotland - it does make such a difference to the children.

Lesley and Maggy

Our new registered address is: Heart2Heart Scotland  c/o 30 Rouken Glen Road  Giffnock  Glasgow  G46 7JL

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