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Newsletter No.4 April 2007

Last May 2006 was an exciting month for Heart to Heart Scotland. For the first time, we took a team of 5 people out to Romania with us on a Tenderfoot Trip - this being a dip in and out of the Romanian culture and the opportunity to care for and help look after abandoned babies and children in Bucharest.
Here are some of their comments on our return:

“Well - how hard is it to speak about just one time which touched you while in Romania - when there were so many. One of the days that made me laugh and cry was the day that we took 3 toddlers outside of the hospital - I'll never forget how excited they got to be out in the sunshine ,running from one place to another - smiling as the blew the fluff from the dandelions, touching the grass and wanting to lift things from the path and shrieking with joy when the trams passed on the road outside. It’s not fair that they have to spend so much time in a room and in a cot and I pray that someone will be given the opportunity to adopt these beautiful children.”

“…many babies and children tugged at our heart strings and we gave them all the love and attention we could. I still think of Marianna, blind and with severe cerebral palsy, who smiled as she was held and stroked, Alexandra who was two weeks old and had syphilis, and many others whose faces I keep remembering..”

One of the highlights for our Trust and for the Team Members was to see the arrival of 20 new beds for the Baby Hospital in Bucharest . Heart to Heart Scotland had purchased them through fundraising, to replace the old ones. There was a flurry of activity on the 1st Saturday of our trip as nursing staff, some of the children and other volunteers dismantled and disposed of soiled mattresses and broken beds…and helped build and install new ones… another 40 of which followed a few months afterwards.

Out with the old…

…in with the new!

Thanks to your generosity we were also able to purchase a van load of nappies!



Team May 2006


And since then? ..we have also been able to buy and supply the following items for each of the 10 boys in the Transition House..
A wardrobe - a set of clothes - blankets, bedding and pillows - and for the kitchen we have bought a fridge, industrial washing machine and we are also contributing to the heavy heating bills.
We are always appreciative of fund raising activities to support our work and 3 of our young folk not only lost hair on their arms and heads for us but also gained a whole new perspective on "no pain no gain"!

Thanks Fellas!

This May, we return again with a smaller team, to Bucharest to offer ourselves in whatever we can to the babies and children. We will be working primarily in the Baby Hospital but also visiting and encouraging the girls and boys in the Transition Houses…and always looking out for our next project.
If being part of a team is something you feel you would like to do in the future, please contact us either by letter or via the section on the web “Contact Us”.

We would once again like to thank you for ongoing support and encouragement – we would not be able to succeed in any of our projects if it were not for your generosity and your belief that we can make a difference, no matter how small, to the lives of the many children who are still being abandoned.

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