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Newsletter July 2009

This year, due to the expensive euro and dollar, we did not take out a team for a Tenderfoot trip - however our work continues as do the number of babies being abandoned and youngsters living on the streets and in orphanages.

The latest update..

H2H International has begun a new boys’ transition programme. There are five boys from very poor families that are learning construction and maintenance skills from Doru, the “house dad”. Three more boys will be joining very soon.

Hospital Tei: Volunteers and H2H staff have been busy helping to care for about 30 babies. The social worker there is working to help babies to be placed back with their families or into a foster care home.. little girl twins have been re-united with their parents .. some of the other babies have been moved to a different facility that will be able to care for special needs. Hospital V.G (old one): Teams are still ministering to the children with cerebral palsy and serious illnesses . This hospital has now reduced the number of abandoned babies it admits.

Work continues in the orphanages and Kirsteen Gray from Scotland who first went to Romania on a tenderfoot trip is now working full time there with the children and using her musical skills in a wonderful way This extract gives a feel for the work she has been doing:
This month sees the end of our formal programme at the orphanage in Peris for this year, although we will still go and spend time with the kids doing various games and activities throughout the summer with our teams. As a fitting end to the music and dance programmes, we took first the dance class to a ballet and the following week the music class to a live classical concert at the Ateneul in Bucharest. The kids were so excited, for all of them this was their first visit to the Theatre. Before the big day the orphanage team spent time searching through the donated items of clothing to find “posh” outfits for the kids to wear. They so enjoyed getting dressed up, wearing perfume, having their hair done by us, coming to the teamhouse before the concert / ballet to eat with us and then going to the theatre...

And the Girls’ Transition House continues to mould the lives of teenagers from the Orphanage system into young women who can fit into society. Input from volunteers is crucial as it helps them “see” beyond their own lives and culture.

Heart2Heart Scotland have used your donations to pay the large heating bill in the Boys’ House, purchase musical items for the orphanage, send children to camp again and we are waiting on word about the latest needs for the many babies and youngsters for whom our Trust exists.

And finally.....would you like to Walk the Talk?? Please click here to find out about our exciting fund-raising event for this year...not a coffee morning..not a summer fair...something that you can really get involved in. Thank you as always for your generosity and care. We hope you will come and meet us and join in our latest venture!

From all of us at Heart2Heart Scotland

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