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Romania is a beautiful country of many contrasts - the ruggedness of the mountains, fields of lush vegetation, concrete office and apartment blocks, grand marble civil buildings, a wonderful culture of music and opera, parklands and sporting facilities for the people, the beauty of Transylvania and the gentle nature of the locals. Some of the rural areas are as if time stopped a century ago, whereas downtown in the heart of the capital, Bucharest, there is an up and coming thriving tourist area.

A few years ago, it was into the suburbs of Bucharest that Maggy Stewart and Lesley Cameron went as short term volunteers to work in a children's hospital. This particular hospital was sympathetic to receiving babies who are often brought in with minor ailments and then abandoned for many different reasons. They are sometimes left on the doorstep of the building or perhaps found in the local park .It was to those abandoned babies that they went to care and love and after their visit in 2004 came back to Scotland with a great desire to do more than just visit once a year.

They set up Heart to Heart Scotland, a Registered Charitable Trust, in December 2004 with the intention of fundraising, in the first place, to help upgrade the hospital and improve the facilities for the children. The needs in the hospital and orphanages are great and the Trust seeks to raise awareness of this by sending upto date newsletters, encouraging fundraising and by being available to speak of the times and experiences Lesley and Maggy had, and continue to have in Bucharest.

Please visit here if you would like more information about visiting Romania with us.

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